Poblano (Ancho) Chili



Lots of mildly spicy, 4″ heart-shaped fruits that ripen from dark green to deep red. The name “Poblano” is given to the pepper when fresh.  It is delicious roasted, peeled, and stuffed. “Ancho” means wide, referring to the broad, flat, heart-shaped pods in the dried form. Plants mature in 8-10 weeks.

Height: :

18-24 in.

Spacing: :

24-36 in.

Sun Exposure: :

Full Sun

Heat (Pungency): :

Mild (1 to 1,000 Scoville Units)

Fruit Shape: :

Bell, Tapered

Fruit Size: :

Medium (4″ to 6″ in length)

Fruit Color: :

Green changing to red, Green changing to brown

Seed Type: :


Usage: :

Fresh (salsa, salads), Frying, Roasting, Drying

Days to Maturity: :

Early (55-68 days)

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