Extreme Compost Bin

Is this cool or what? When I get ready to build a “permanent” compost bin, it will probably have a concrete paver floor…but this bin is the most awesome I’ve seen so far!

Backyard Feast

Step 1: Beg Explain patiently to professional carpenter husband over several months that current compost bins are old and too small and in the wrong place.  Paint dazzling word pictures of abundant food and rich soil that would result from beautiful new compost bins.

Step 2: Research.  Turns out it’s not easy to find a good set of plans!  Most of the compost bin instructions out there are for recycled pallet bins or a couple of other common designs that were dismissed by said husband as either too ugly, too expensive to build on our budget, or lacking in lateral or other significant supports.  We did end up finding these useful plans from the City of Vancouver, and this became our base idea.  I figured that if these plans would keep Vancouver compost dry in the winter monsoons and safe from raccoons and other city critters, they were good…

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    • Yeah it is a nice bin isn’t it? Unfortunately it isn’t mine. I found this post on another blog and was so impressed I “re-blogged” it.

      Just now, I have no compost bin, per se…we’ve been using 5 gallon buckets that were made for the rain gutter grow system for over the winter to store our compostables.

      Now that we have chickens, we will throw most of the stuff to them during the warmer months. I haven’t quite nailed down what I’m going to do with what I collect over winter…I’m thinking though, that once we get the greenhouse setup that I’ll start raising earth worms and they’ll get the scraps over the winter and share with the chickens during the warm months.

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